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I have access to flights and pricing not available to the general public.
When you search for airfare on typical travel sites, you only see a very small portion of available flights that the particular website wants you to see and not what is actually available.
I have relationships and connections that allow considerably more flight options at discounted rates.
Many business and first class flights are up to 70% off the listed fares.
 I use Award Travel, consolidator fares, companion flights, special corporate contracts, upgrades, last minute deals, multiple airlines and more.
This allows me to access luxury flights at a lower rate and those savings and better qaulity flights are passed on to you.

 Redeeming miles is tricky if you book directly with an airline. I can make your miles go considerably further. Frequent flyer programs all have different rules and procedures for earning and redeeming miles, and they don’t make it easy. There are black-out dates & restrictions that can end up costing you more miles than necessary.

Center International Travel

With over 15 years experience in the travel industry,  I specialize in offering first class and business class tickets with a focus on maintaining personal relationships with my clients.  
 You can contact me over the phone or fill in my quote request form available on this website. 
As soon as I receive your form I will contact you and get the information needed to provide you a quote at the best possible price I can get for you.
I have a team of travel specialists to get you the flight you need within the time frame you specify to get you where you need to go and assist you to sort out complex travel itineraries that will fit your travel plan.
 If you are satisfied with the given flight options, you can confirm with me via phone or email so I can start your booking process. 
 Then you can relax knowing you're about to embark upon a memorable journey with the satisfaction that  Center International Travels personalized service has you taken care of.

W​ith Center International Travel you get the best possible deals and the flights you want, because I know how to play the game to make your miles go further for less.
I want to help you earn and redeem your miles to get the most value.
International flights should be a relaxing, comfortable flight.
Stretch-out,relax and enjoy your flight in business or first class.